Firefox Scaling Zoom Kills Performance

I’m rather insistent about scaling zoom being set by default 120% of my copy of Firefox. I achieve this with the NoSquint plugin add-on. Of late I’d been noticing that Firefox page scrolling was really really really bad.

Turns out this is caused by scaling zoom — turn the default page zoom to 100% and performance is really good, with scrolling being smooth and uniform.

Also, I today discovered that I’ve been right to avoid using the word performantperformant is not a word! Seems this is quite endemic to the technology industry as I’ve seen this word being used in everything from white papers to published books…

3 thoughts on “Firefox Scaling Zoom Kills Performance

  1. Asa Dotzler

    I zoom a lot of sites (but not all) and don’t see any significant performance problems with Firefox 3.0 or Firefox 3.1. I encourage you to test just manually zooming the most important sites (or using “minimum font size” in preferences) rather than a catch-all plug-in like NoSquint. I think you’ll get better results.

    As for performant, the English language is alive and well and adds new words all the time. “Performant” is a useful term and I expect it to become standard before too long. :-)

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  2. Kevin Francis Post author

    I get eye strain pretty easily. I run a laptop with the display set to 120DPI and NoSquint set to 120% because I feel most comfortable at that level (I’d prefer 130% but Windows fonts are ugly at that size).

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that scaling zoom would slow things down as it’s forcing Firefox to scale each and every tab (of which I have quite a few open) and I’m running some built-in Intel GMA thing rather than a discreet graphics card. Aero alone seems to strain it.

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