Monthly Archives: January 2009

Overall Impression of Windows 7

After using Windows 7 for 2 weeks I think I’ve got a pretty good feel for it. I haven’t wavered once in all this time, sticking closely to my goal of using Windows through and through.

It was not an ordeal. It was not painful. It is a definite improvement over XP/Vista. Will I switch to using it full time rather than Linux? No.

Windows has improved to the point where it no longer makes me rip my hair out, but it still doesn’t impress me. It’s finally what I expected Windows XP to have been, so really, I’m not impressed. I am however not irritated by it, which is impressive.

P.S.: For all you who are considering it — nothing has proven incompatible for me except for Daemon Tools which won’t install at all. Yes it is faster. No, really.

On the Frustration Experienced in Trying to Install Photoshop CS3

This is perhaps the best way I’ve seen frustration with a software installer expressed in a long while:

I forsee Friends of Ed creating a book series, “Foundation Adobe CS3 Installation”, Amazon cross selling people who buy the software with something like “Customers who purchased Adobe CS3, also bought 100 capsule bottles of Excedrin, Pepsid AC, and a book titled “How to find a job when you’ve been fired for missing a deadline because you were installing Adobe CS3″.

— Dave Gillem on Crucial Limit

P.S.: Yes I like long titles :)

Windows 7 Beta: Performance

After having used Vista for 2 years since I got my Dell, I’ve to say that it’s the slowest, buggiest version of Windows by far, even beating Windows ME for the title. Random lockups, sluggish UI, more random lockups, skipping audio, inability to delete/copy/move files in any reasonable amount of time (“Calculating remaining time” anyone?) to name a few of the problems that plagued Vista.

Windows 7 seem to have fixed all that. It just works (so far). None of the earlier problems are prevalent in 7. Speedy UI, effortless file operations, and no more skipping audio.

Let’s just hope it stays this way. Sad that I keep applying the (so far) qualifier to anything I have to say about Windows 7 — Microsoft has let me down too many times before.

“Wherever I go, I hear the same tired Middle East comparisons”

My favourite moment came when I pointed out that journalists should be on the side of those who suffer. If we were reporting the 18th-century slave trade, I said, we wouldn’t give equal time to the slave ship captain in our dispatches. If we were reporting the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp, we wouldn’t give equal time to the SS spokesman. At which point a journalist from the Jewish Telegraph in Prague responded that “the IDF are not Hitler”. Of course not. But who said they were?

Wherever I go, I hear the same tired Middle East comparisons by Robert Fisk