Monthly Archives: October 2005

iTunes Cover Art

I can’t believe it — there isn’t a decent piece of software on Windows that displays cover art for iTunes. The nearest was a konfabulator widget that did everything, including getting new art and inserting them into the library, except that it display the art at a ridiculously small size.

Amarok got it right. Nice, nice display sizes, luscious jewel case artwork, and a simple, easy to use cover manager. Heck, Amarok got just about everything right now that I think of it.

Looks like I just found myself a plugin to code…

Its Been A While…

What have I been up to? I don’t really know myself. I’ve been working a little, but mostly I’ve just been sick. Ahh yes sick. No, no. Not the flu. Lets just say that I’m no quite sure what it is, except that it has a lot to do with chronic migraine, nerves and other fun neurological stuff. All that painfully fun stuff.

On a more positive note, I’ve been watching Lost recently, and am almost done with the first season. I love the way the characters all have such varied pasts. It is a little sad though to watch as they kill them off one by one.

With that, I think I will leave you now for another month or two.